A leading community investment company

Our value statement


To protect and manage the Royal Bafokeng community’s wealth to provide reliable intergenerational income and capital growth.


We operate ethically and execute with integrity We embrace and drive positive change Trust and respect (tlhompho) is central to all our relationships.

Our purpose

To deliver sustainable income and growth to serve the intergenerational development needs of the Bafokeng community

About the Royal Bafokeng Nation (RBN)

The RBN has a long history of envisioning a better future for its people and taking innovative action to achieve it, from the time of Kgosi Mokgatle, who reigned from 1834 to 1891. Steadfast to his vision for the nation, its members worked patiently together, pooled their resources and used them to buy back the land the Bafokeng had occupied and cultivated for centuries. Kgosi Mokgatle could never have imagined what the full impact of this innovative approach would be when the world’s largest deposits of platinum group metals were discovered on this hard-earned land 33 years after his death. Once again, his successors had to call on all the resources available to them to ensure the nation would retain and benefit from these deposits. Their efforts to protect and gain access to the nation’s hard-won wealth made it possible to foresee a future for the Bafokeng as a progressive, dynamic and thriving community, as described in Plan 35.