A leading community investment company

A great place to work

Royal Bafokeng Holdings (RBH) has a dynamic and diverse working environment given the nature of our business. Our people are the most valuable and powerful asset within the company. We pride ourselves with having the right people with the right attitude in the right seats of the RBH bus - the investment vehicle for the Royal Bafokeng Nation (RBN).

This unique team of individuals is not only qualified but also fully engaged, agile and committed to RBH’s mandate – to protect and grow the economic wealth of the Nation. At RBH we take care to ensure that this team is aggressively developed and skilfully deployed within the company. Through this process we ensure that the team’s talents are enhanced. Our success in supporting the development of these individuals is demonstrated by our track record of low staff turnover levels. The experts and professionals in our team are committed to remain within the organisation for as long as they add value to the broader RBN community.

Our values

Employee value proposition

Our value proposition is simple: RBH offers a dynamic working environment that will ensure that our employees’ talents are enhanced while we give them the opportunity to add value to the legacy of the RBN story.

Our team comes from varied professional backgrounds and due to the nature and size of our Group, every team member is valued for their contribution. Over and above being part of an excellent team, RBH also rewards its people for adding value to the company and achieving results over time. Our remuneration packages are competitive and market related. We conduct independent benchmarks in line with human resources practices.

Upholding fair and non-discriminatory standards is also one of our core principles. We demonstrate this principle by complying with legislation and offer flexible benefits that fit in with the lifestyle and needs of our people.

Royal Bafokeng Holdings not only provides a safe place where people work and perform their duties but it also provides a place where individuals can thrive. Our team comprises of caring and friendly individuals who are always willing to help and respect one another.

Our Human Capital department is centered on ensuring the quality of life of its people throughout the organisation. This, in turn, is a major contributing factor to the competitiveness and profitability of the business, and ultimately results in a sustained organisational culture.

Talent management

The Human Capital department manages and facilitates the employment life cycle of all our people. The phases of the cycle are unique to each and every employee - from attraction, recruitment, role clarification, development and performance through to the exit phase.

RBH, like any other organisation in South Africa, is faced with a war for talent. It is critical for the company to ensure that it has strategies in place which will ensure that it has the required human capital at the right time at required levels. The company is therefore expected to put strategies in place which will enable it to remain competitive especially when it comes to the attraction, development and retention of talent.

We have a holistic human capital approach which incorporates some of the integral elements of the company. The company has a performance management system that is used as a tool to identify employee performance deliverables and developmental needs. The process involves meetings between managers and employees to identify perfomance goals for the year and gaps between an employee’s current skills set and the required skills to perform the job. Following which performance reviews and evaluations are conducted bi-annually.

What some of our people have to say about RBH youth empowerment

"Our commitment to youth upliftment is demonstrated by the impact our ‘Class of’ programme has had in the lives of the youth from disadvantaged backgrounds"

Our graduate and student programmes

Ofentse Moerane (L) and
Katlego Mongake, ‘Class of’
programme graduates.

From time to time the company assesses its future human capital needs and, based on these, we then roll-out internship/learnership programmes for unemployed young people. The programmes differ in duration. One of the programmes that has been successful is the RBH ‘Class of’ programme.

RBH established the ‘Class of’ programme in 2010 within the framework of the MasterPlan 2035. The programme is designed to nurture and facilitate the employability of RBN graduates, thus creating a talent pipeline of future leaders for the community.

The programme affords academically performing RBN graduates with learning opportunities in order to gain practical work experience. This, in turn, assists the RBN to meet the challenges of capacity building and empowerment by facilitating the creation of possible employment opportunities for the graduates upon completion of their internship within host companies.

The 2013 ‘Class of’ programme managed to place a record number of graduates. Twenty-nine candidates were absorbed into the graduate programme at RBH, RBN entities and various investee companies and some have been permanently absorbed within RBH, Fraser Alexander, DHL Express, Astrapak and Lebone II College.