Our value proposition

Our philosophy when attracting talent is that the employee must fit in with the culture of our organisation, be aligned with our RBN values and have the right kind of attitude.

Our value proposition speaks to our mission of becoming a leading investment partner, enabled through transparent, honest and future looking performance management that is linked to compensation, benefits, recognition and work-life effectiveness measures that are meaningful to both RBH and its employees.

RBH is an enabling environment for a healthy career trajectory and a deepened appreciation for the work we do for our community. We believe the growth of an individual is dependent on their potential, their ability to take initiative and their ability to be innovative.

Our selection criteria is centred around making sure that we employ the right people who occupy their right seat in the RBH bus whilst contributing towards the delivery of our mandate to our sole shareholder, the RBN.

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At RBH, we invest in the sustainable transformation of our community. We have a range of custom-made programmes which contribute towards empowering and developing the skills of our youth.