RBH CA Bursary

Programme Background

In 2020, RBH launched its first Chartered Accountancy (CA) Bursary Programme with the aim to assist the youth of the Royal Bafokeng Nation (RBN) to develop skills that will contribute to country’s economy, while still building a skills pipeline to feed in the RBH Chartered Accountancy trainee programme over time.

RBH has adopted a skills pipeline approach to create a pool of skills that are aligned to the core mandate of RBH. It is through this deliberate approach that the qualified candidate will ultimately feed into the RBH CA Programme. While the bursary programme is a ticket to aspiring Chartered Accountant students to achieve their dreams and to develop skills of the Bafokeng youth, RBH recognises it as an important contributor to economic participation for the future of the RBN.

For more on the RBH CA Training Programme entrance requirements, click here.