Our corporate structure

RBH exists for the sole purpose of enabling the welfare and wellbeing of the RBN. RBH delivers an annual dividend that is used for the socio-economic benefit of the Bafokeng and those who live on our land. Contributions are channeled through the RBNDT and the RBN’s social entities: Royal Bafokeng Enterprise Development (RBED),Royal Bafokeng Sports (RBS) and Royal Bafokeng Institute(RBI) which, in turn ,deliver a number of initiatives including public utilities, enterprise development and education. Over and above the dividend paid to the Nation on an annual basis, RBH channels its corporate social investment spend to the RBN, targeting initiatives aligned to the Nation’s Plan ’35.

Our vision as RBH is to protect and manage the wealth and assets of the Nation, in order to provide predictable income and capital growth for the inter-generational benefit of the Bafokeng. RBH is supported by a clearly delineated structure within the RBN. This allows for a clearer understanding of where the Nation’s assets are based and where the wealth created by RBH is spent, including both dividends for RBNDT and RBH CSI spend. Although accountability for wealth generation is separated from accountability for achieving the socio-economic goals of the Nation, the impact of social spend is important to RBH, much in the same way RBH’s returns are essential

How we are governed

Unpacking our structure