Human capital

Key statistics

number of employees

of women employees

of black employees

of black senior managers

of black middle managers

voluntary employees turnover during 2020 (%)

Stats as at Dec 2020

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Our approach to managing our people

Our approach to human resources management is based on international best practice and encompasses our commitment to upholding the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Our employee value proposition

Our focus is on retaining and attracting employees by ensuring we understand their needs and work preferences. RBH is committed to rewarding its employees fairly, while ensuring our rewards are linked to performance. We incentivise performance through medium-and long-term incentives. We regularly benchmark our remuneration to ensure it is market related. Our reward philosophy is transparent and employees are aware that rewards are linked to performance.


We take into account that our employees are different ages and that they come from different cultural backgrounds when designing the benefits we provide and the culture we would like to create at RBH. The fringe benefits we offer our employees, in addition to the legally mandated benefits, include medical aid, retirement benefits, study ssistance and bursaries, as well as group life and disability cover and flexible working hours.

Our employees are the key determinant of our success. Through our ongoing engagement with our employees we share RBH’s vision, values and culture and the terms of our Compact with our shareholder.

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