Plan '35 goals

The RBN’s Vision 2035 is to continue to be “a relevant and innovative traditional African community in a changing world”. Three key concepts – relevant, innovative and traditional – guides everything we do, including RBH’s investments

Plan ’35 is the RBN’s strategic blueprint for its overall economic and social development, and includes a Spatial Masterplan for the built environment. Plan ’35 aims to generate a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable community that remains true to its African heritage and traditions.

The objective of Plan ’35 is to empower the Bafokeng by investing in the skills, initiatives and infrastructure required to diversify the Nation’s local economy and create intergenerational wealth. The programme is built on three pillars: individual welfare, community welfare and sustainability

Plan'35 goal

Our efforts towards the sustainable development of the Bafokeng are rooted in Plan ’35. In exercising good stewardship of the resources entrusted to us, RBH is committed to facilitate the successful realisation of Plan’35 and we remain aligned to these objectives.  In this we support RBN, through the RBNDT in the implementation of Plan ’35.