RBH [logo]

What makes us different

Our portfolio yields dividends that we pay to Royal Bafokeng Nation Development Trust (RBNDT) on an annual basis.

Through prudent management of an investment portfolio, we apply an inter-generational outlook to provide a dividend income and portfolio capital appreciation to our sole shareholder, RBNDT.

In keeping with the lessons learnt from several generations of Bafokeng leaders is a deep understanding that investing for the long-term and building resilience are key tenets to meaningful and sustainable empowerment.

Our Mandate:

RBH has a dual mandate: To safeguard the long-term financial independence of the Royal Bafokeng Nation (RBN) and to generate sufficient income to meet social and infrastructural needs of the Nation for the Bafokeng people and those who live on RBN land.

Our Value driver:

We operate ethically and execute with integrity. We embrace and drive positive change. Trust (Boitshepegi) and Respect (Tlotlo) are central to our relationships.

RBH structure [chart]